School Sponsorships

Although the Tanzanian government has a policy of free education, the reality is that many children cannot afford to pay for the “extras” – the required uniform, books, stationery, fees for water and security guards and monthly haircuts. Therefore, many are still not receiving a formal education, especially in the area served by the Inner-City Programs.

English and math are the 2 weakest subjects in all the government primary schools.  To help mitigate this problem, Hope for the Future has started a nursery school where the instruction is in English.  This gives the children a head start in learning English.  During the vacation, math camps are held.  Hopefully, in the future English camps too can be added.

Completing work sheets of fractions. Students use Dupolo to learn!

Samia diligently trying to read a book. She is in nursery and learning to read.

Project School

The annual Project School fundraiser was created to help students overcome financial barriers to education. In November and December, Hope for the Future asks donors to purchase one or more sponsorships as a gift to honour friends and family. These gifts cover the extra school costs that most children cannot afford. When the new school year begins in January, our Inner-City Program children are ready with their uniforms, school supplies, fees and haircuts. Your gift of sponsorship during our Project School campaign will enable one or more children to attend school for the whole year! Students are also able to continue on to secondary school, where the fees are significantly higher.

Sponsorship Success Stories

Michael Simumba (secondary school)
Michael started attending the program when he was about 10 years old. Lack of sustainable family incomes meant the family went hungry approximately 4 days a week. At 10 years of age, HFF helped Michael start at Grade 2. His progress was rapid and he has proven to be a diligent student who did very well in primary school.

Michael started secondary school and has sat for the Grade 11 government exam. He is an exceptional young man who understands how to pay it forward. When there are many small children, Michael is there playing with them. On Tuesdays and Fridays, Michael helps in any way he can. Never has to be asked. A very dependable young man with a promising future.
Dora Elia (primary school)
Dora is 8 years old. At 5 years of age Dora started attending the program and the nursery. She lives with her mother and older sister. She had difficulty remembering directions. Once she got lost and when taken to the police station, she mentioned that she attends the HFF program. The police have the phone numbers of the HFF staff whom they called, and Dora was united with her family. In Feb. 2021, Dora’s father visited the family and without the mother’s permission, took Dora with him. HFF provided the bus fare for Dora’s mother find Dora and bring her home.
Simon Anderson (primary school)
After Simon’s father died and when his mother was sick, his sister, mother and Simon came to Mbeya to live with relatives. While here, his mother died so the 2 children live with their relatives. At 7 years, HFF helped Simon to start school. Without the supervision of HFF, Simon would have dropped out of school since he was a truant.
Zuhura Shida (secondary school)
Zuhura is the very first person on both sides of her family to attend secondary school. This is an extraordinary accomplishment for her. HFF staff had to ensure that Zuhura had time to study at home since she is expected to care for her younger siblings and cousins. This in turn enabled her to study and get good marks. With the help of HFF she can attend secondary school.

2021 – Donors sponsored 228 children for an elementary school education and 42 children for a secondary education.

2022 – Donors sponsored 249 children for an elementary school education and 67 children for a secondary education.

In 2023 our need has grown.

We have 239 elementary students and 103 secondary students that need sponsors this year!

Please consider giving the gift of education on behalf of a loved one this Christmas. Sponsor an elementary student for CAD$70.00 or a secondary student for CAD$200.00. If you are donating multiple sponsorships to multiple recipients please share those details in your message.

eCards are also available on the donation form and on our website! Click here to download and email to your recipient.

You can donate in any of these 3 ways:

  1. E-transfer to: (preferred method)

  2. Mail cheque to: Hope for the Future Ministries
    60 Osborne Corner Road,
    Osborne Corner, NB E4H 3V3

  3. Online: Use the form below and sponsor a child via the CanadaHelps donation platform. Send a personalized eCard directly to your loved one on behalf of the children.

Hope for the Future Ministries is a registered charity with CRA. All donations are tax deductible and go directly to the programs since the administrative work is done by volunteers.