God’s Love in Action

Providing daily nutrition, health care, education and love to the children of Mbeya, Tanzania.

Hope for the Future is a charitable organization operating in the City of Mbeya, Tanzania, East Africa.

Every week Hope for the Future provides lunches for up to 300 children and daily breakfasts for the children who would otherwise go without food through their Inner City Program.

Annually Hope for the Future gives up to 275 children who would not otherwise be able to attend school the opportunity for an education through their School Sponsorship Program.

Hope for the Future is dedicated to:

  1. identifying the needs of the children who face insurmountable challenges to building a healthy and productive life due to poverty
  2. implementing supports and programs to address these needs
  3. advocating for changes that will allow children and families to become more self-sufficient in meeting their needs

Hope for the Future Ministries (HFM) is funded by donations from individuals, organizations, churches and schools. It is registered in Canada as Hope for the Future Ministries, and in Tanzania as Hope for the Future Foundation. All donations go directly to the implementation and operation of its programs. Even a small amount goes a long way towards making a big difference in the lives of these children.