Projects on the Go

Sofia with her great grand mother whoes house got a new roof

Living as a grandmother on the highlands of the Rift Valley in Mbeya, Tanzania, with its peaceful landscape of rolling hills should be a pleasant time of life. You might picture yourself sitting under a shady mango tree watching your grandchildren play in the warm sunshine as breezes moderate the summer temperatures. But life is not always as you picture it. The scourge of HIV / AIDS has plagued East Africa for the last couple of decades and as a result, you have lost six of your seven children. The only option for the survival of your grandchildren, is that you be their parent. As sole provider and caregiver, you must find a means of making sufficient money to feed, house and clothe your five youngest grandchildren between the ages of 3 and 9.

Given your health and age, the only path open to you is the making and selling of homebrew or pombe. You are tired, your joints are constantly inflamed from the years spent in the fields cultivating tomatoes and maize as you raised your own children. At least then, there was enough food. Now, there is not always enough money to feed all six of you. Sometimes the men who come to buy the pombe expect to be fed as well.

It is for scenarios such as this that Hope for the Future continues to reach out and spread the light of God’s kingdom in this area. As our programs grow and expand, God opens the doors to new possibilities and visions. In order to help the children, the stresses on the head of the household (whether a single parent, an aging relative, or both parents) must be identified and alleviated. The needs are many – improved educational opportunities, job training, women’s income generating initiatives, medical and family planning services, child care alternatives and much more.

We are funded solely by donations from individuals and groups who share our vision and see the needs. As a registered charitable organization, with a volunteer board of directors, the entire donation goes directly to the implementation and operation of all programs.