Respond to God’s Leading

Hope for the Future continues to reach out and spread the light of God’s kingdom in this area of Tanzania. As our programs grow and expand, God opens the doors to new possibilities and visions. In order to help the children, the stresses on the head of the household (whether a single parent, an aging relative, or both parents) must be identified and alleviated. The needs are many – improved educational opportunities, job training, women’s income generating initiatives, medical and family planning services, child care alternatives and much more.

We are funded solely by donations from individuals and groups who share our vision and see the needs. As a registered charitable organization, with a volunteer board of directors, the entire donation goes directly to the implementation and operation of all programs.

What your Donations Accomplish

Inner City Program

Child Sponsorship

  • Expenses for one child to attend the ICP for one month: $25.00


  • After-School Program dinners serving an average of 120 children and 6 staff twice a week, for 1 month: $320.00
  • The Breakfast Program serving an average of 85 children a day, 5 days a week, for 1 year: $2500.00


  • Treatment for 25 children for malaria: $20.00
  • Treatment for 50 children for typhoid: $44.00
Children enjoying their meal.

School Sponsorship Program

Primary and Secondary Education

  • Primary school costs per student for 1 year cover school uniform (shirt, shorts or pinafore, shoes, socks and sweater), stationary supplies, school fees for night security and water, and monthly haircuts: $45.00
  • Secondary school fees per student for 1 year: $220.00

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