ICP Site Repairs

The repairs to the building and site that are home to the Hope for the Future programs are close to completion. The following are just a glimpse of the changes that have taken shape over the last 6 weeks. More pictures will be posted in the near future.

The perimeter wall was the first thing to be completed. The toilets and main building have also undergone major changes (left side).

Many volunteers helped to transform the meeting area into an functional nursery classroom.

ICP Site repairs required by Authorities

This past week, officials from the President’s Office visited the program.  They were asked to visit every nursery school and ascertain if they were abiding by the rules and regulations established by the government.  The building that is used by Hope for the Future was found to be lacking in several areas.

  • The boundary wall is non existent in several areas and in a state of disrepair in many areas. It needs to be rebuilt.
  • One (1) toilet outside is not sufficient for approximately 260 that attend the program.  It needs to be plastered and a ceramic squatting plate needs to be installed.
  • A second outside toilet needs to be built.
  • The inside toilet needs to be repaired
  • The windows in the building need to be replaced.
  • All the walls need to be plastered.
  • Currently, a septic tank system is being used.  At least once a year it needs to be emptied.  It is possible to be connected to the municipal sewer system that will provide the extra space to build the second toilet
  • The total cost is CAD$5478.

The videos below will give you a good idea of what repairs are required and why.