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January 19. 2021

Project School 2021

The second week of January marked the beginning of the new school year for 270 children from the Inner-city Program.   Here are pictures and videos of the day when the uniforms, books and backpacks with school supplies were handed out.  A day of excitement and optimism…preceded by many many hours of hard work by Leonard, Armani and staff.

This is a glimpse of the distribution of school supplies to 228 Primary students and 42 secondary students. The supplies for secondary students were put in backpacks which are in the back of the truck.

Purchasing the shoes for the children is an interesting process. Each child brings a stick that is used to measure the length of their feet. The child’s name is written on a piece of masking tape and attached to the stick. When the correct size shoe is found, The laces are tied together and the stick is placed inside the shoe for easy identification.

Leonard and Amani with the help of Mama Janet and Flora packed all the school books and supplies seen above one night.  The following night many hands helped to pack the uniforms.  And the next day all items were distributed as seen in the videos above. Many grateful hearts filled with hope for a brighter future.

Leonard and Amani and Cherise

A Special Note from Sharmala

Cherise offered to help with the administration side of the foundation towards the end of 2019, which has taken a huge load off my back. Little did she know that in 2020 she would be doing way more than she expected!! It is with a very grateful and thankful heart that I thank her for doing so much to keep the programs going.

Leonard and Amani stepped up to great roles of leadership during my extended absence. For the first time, they planned, organized and executed the Christmas party and the distribution of school supplies. They have far exceeded my expectations and have done an excellent job in planning and continuing with the program. I am very proud of Cherise, Leonard and Amani and the rest of the staff.

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